About Us

Founder and Chief Storyteller Cindy Bennett created Storybags out of her love of gift giving and sharing smiles.  Inspired by her best friend’s beautifully wrapped gifts and frustration about how much paper was wasted around the holidays, Cindy stapled together the first Storybag prototypes.  Her Mom added the brilliant idea of adorning the Storybags with beautiful beads and coins from all over the world (visit Mom’s store at www.africadirect.com).  Business partner in other ventures and friend, Remington added the “story” and the tracking concept.  Friends Trisha and John became an invaluable advisory board and part of the very exuberant cheering section!  Pearl, Barb, Ashley, and Lynn created the first Storybags, and the first chapter of the Storybags adventure was written!

Storybags are meant to beautify the world, spread love and smiles, employ local workers, reduce the amount paper wasted/ rainforests cut down, and remind us all of the beauty of giving!